October Nights Inspirations

Crisp fall nights are the perfect time to gather with friends around the fire, whether that’s outdoors or indoors. Being near a fire is such a multisensory experience: the flickering firelight, the smoky aroma, and the crackling sound of the firewood.

And that’s what October Nights creates – a multisensory experience. As our friend and fan, Kelly Galea said, “it smells like a sweet campfire with some orange peels tossed in.” (Thanks, Kelly! We couldn’t have said it better!) With a combination of cinnamon, cloves, peppercorn, orange peels, and smoky tea leaves, it creates a multi-layered scent and taste. (Note: While it’s officially classified as an herbal, it does contain a slight amount of caffeine due to the tea leaves.)

In addition to making a cozy mug of tea for chilly days, October Nights is also a great tea for cooking meats like pork or chicken. You can also use it as a soup base or to steam vegetables. We featured it in our Smoky Cheese Biscuits (from Issue 3 of our eMagazine, available on Etsy) at our Teas of Fall Open House. We’re also planning to try it in Homemade Ketchup (from Issue 12, also available on Etsy).

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