Rooibos, or “red tea” is a popular South African beverage, made from a native red bush. (In fact, rooibos means “red bush” in Afrikaans.) Its slightly sweet and nutty flavor makes it a great base for most any blend, but lends especially well to dessert-flavored teas, served either hot or iced. In addition to being caffeine free, rooibos is also high in antioxidants and vitamins. South Africans have used it for years to help with digestion, insomnia, allergies and other health issues.

Carrot Cake Fascination
Carrot Cake Fascination
An old-fashioned favorite with a new twist! This rooibos blend combines real carrot bits, walnuts and fresh spices to create a decadent treat that’s naturally caffeine-free. Makes a great latte with steamed milk and a bit of sugar, or try it iced for an exhilarating kick of flavor.

Ingredients: Organic rooibos, organic honeybush, cinnamon, carrots, cloves, walnuts, raisins, ginger, coconut, maple brittle, natural flavors

Allergen notice: Contains nuts

Loose-leaf full-size tins: $12         Net wt. 5.5 oz. (156 grams) 52-69 servings


Chocolate Mint Bliss
Chocolate Mint Bliss
Relax with a cup of this smooth chocolaty blend as a dessert tea or before bedtime. Combining organic rooibos, chocolate, and cool mint, this treat is not only rich in antioxidants, but also caffeine-free. Try it as a latte, either hot or iced.

Ingredients: Organic rooibos, mint, cocoa beans, dried apple, yogurt, natural flavors

Allergen notice: Contains dairy

Loose-leaf in foil zip-pack: $6         Net wt. 2 oz. (56.70 grams) 18-25 servings


Chocolate Spice Chai
Chocolate Spice Chai
While chai is the generic word for tea in certain languages, most English speakers use it to describe a spicy blend of tea with milk. Curl up by the fire with this naturally caffeine-free blend of antioxidant-rich rooibos, chocolate and fresh spices. Great on its own or with steamed milk as a latte.

Ingredients: Organic rooibos, cacao, ginger, chicory root, barley malt, cinnamon, cardamon, black pepper, natural flavors

Allergen notice: Contains barley

Loose-leaf in foil zip pack: $6         Net wt. 2.25 oz. (63.75 grams) 20-25 servings


Note: Crème de la Crème Brûlée is currently sold out – check back soon!


Fiesta de Chai
Fiesta de Chai
Think you know chai? Just wait until you try this south-of-the-border rendition featuring chili peppers and chocolate! Brew up this naturally caffeine-free blend of antioxidant-rich rooibos full of fresh spices and let the fiesta begin!

Ingredients: Organic rooibos, cocoa beans, organic honeybush, cinnamon, natural flavors, dark chocolate flakes, ancho chiles, pasille chiles, saffron

Allergen notice: Contains dairy

Loose-leaf in foil zip pack: $6         Net wt. 2.25 oz. (63.75 grams) 20-25 servings


Note: Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie will return this fall!


Note: Holiday Gingerbread will return this fall!


Winter Dreaming
Winter Dreaming
Winter is a magical time of year. Snowflakes dance and lights glow. So whether you're enjoying sleigh rides and snow angels or classic stories told by the fire, this sweet and nutty rooibos blend is the perfect way to warm up a cold winter's night!
Available for a limited time!

Ingredients: Rooibos, apple pieces, cocoa nibs, natural caramel flavor, marigold flowers, natural hazelnut flavor, blue cornflowers, natural chestnut flavor

Loose-leaf in foil zip pack: $6         Net wt. 1.75 oz. (49.61 grams) 17-22 servings

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