Lemon Meringue Inspirations

Over the past few weeks we’ve been having fun with all our new summer flavors, experimenting and creating new recipes. We can’t wait to share them with you in a series of posts!

First up: Savannah’s Lemon Meringue. This delicate, creamy, sun-kissed lemon green tea immediately inspired a number of ideas – and we haven’t yet tried them all. But here are two of our favorites so far.

  • Tea-infused Whipped Cream – We’ve used all kinds of flavors to make tea-infused whipping cream, and this one definitely ranks as one of our all-time favorites. The lemon flavor is so light, it feels like you’re eating lemony clouds! It makes a great topping for a cake or a dish of sliced strawberries (or just eating straight from the bowl).
  • Lemon Asparagus – If you’ve attended one of our cooking classes, you’ve likely heard the story of Alan’s failed first attempt at steaming asparagus in tea. (In case you haven’t … he used mint tea & it was horrible!) But one thing it proved was that the flavor fully infuses throughout the vegetable. So for years, we’ve tried to come up with a winning flavor for asparagus. Now we’ve found it! While you get a hint of citrus, it’s not an in-your-face flavor, and the asparagus turns out incredibly tender.

So in addition to enjoying that tall glass of ice-cold Savannah’s Lemon Meringue this summer, take some time to try ideas that incorporate it into your recipes. You’ll be glad you did!

What we used to make & serve this recipe:

Joseph Joseph Lotus Steamer (available at Sur La Table)

Joseph Joseph Lotus SteamerThis classic device is a must for every kitchen. It’s simple and easy to use, and while we have more than one, we love this silicone style. Steaming gives a pure, fresh flavor that retains more nutrients than other cooking methods. And the best part is that no oil or fat is needed – simply add your favorite tea (or water) and steam veggies on medium heat until tender (usually less than 10 minutes).


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