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Tea today is so much more than the traditional beverage of days gone by. Not only are there creative flavor choices available, but you don’t have to stop at simply drinking it … you can incorporate tea into many of your favorite recipes!

Over the years, we tried numerous brands and flavors of tea — some good, some bad. We used all kinds of tea — bags of dust, pouches of fannings, and infusers of loose leaf — in plain, flavored and blends. After all of this experimenting, we put together a menu of flavors that are fun, and certainly not like what Grandma served. This will not be your usual cup. Using top quality teas, herbs and spices, these flavor profiles will spark your own exploration of tea, both as a beverage and a recipe ingredient.

You can shop for loose teas right here on our site, but it’s more fun to participate in a Tea Tasting Adventure or cooking class! If you live in the Kansas City metro area, we can come to your home or office and share tea history, recipes and other tips with you and your friends, along with sampling 4-6 flavors. It’s a fun shopping experience for everyone. Learn more about hosting your own Tea Tasting Adventure! (Outside the KC area? Watch for our in-home event kit coming soon!)

Life is a journey — so let the Adventure begin!Alan and Marlys

Alan & Marlys Arnold

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